World Series Preview

I’ve been slacking big time on blog posts for a while now.  It’s partly because I’ve been playing a lot of GTA and partly me being lazy.  But the Red Sox are in the World Series, so I am contractually obligated to write about it.  We’ll go position by position looking at the rosters of the Red Sox and Cardinals and then make a prediction on the winner at the end on what should be a fantastic series.  It doesn’t always work out this way, but I feel like the 2 best teams in each league made their championship series this year and the best teams in each league made the World Series.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

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Quick Thoughts on the Breaking Bad Finale

So I feel like rambling a bit about the Breaking Bad finale and didn’t wanna risk doing it via Facebook post and being that dick that ruins it for someone who hasn’t watched it yet, so I’m doing it here.  So consider this (unless you couldn’t gather from the name of the post) your enormous SPOILER ALERT. Continue reading

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Top 5 Favorite Red Sox Games of 2013*

*The regular season anyway.  Hopefully there are more coming in the playoffs to top these.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Boston Red Sox

So this has probably been the funnest (funnest? most fun?) Red Sox regular season of my lifetime.  Obviously the ’04 Sox would be anyone’s overall favorite team and they’re certainly mine as well, but they didn’t pull of their magic until the playoffs.  But in terms of regular season fun? I can’t think of any team that has been more enjoyable than this.  When you combine the fact that last year’s team was an unlikable shitshow of epic proportions that failed miserably on the field with this year’s team being an extremely likable group of dudes who not only played damn well, but had a habit of pulling awesome come from behind wins out of their asses, it’s tough to top these guys.

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NBA Offseason Roundup

So now that all the major free agents have signed and the draft happened months ago, it appears that for the most part, the NBA offseason is complete in terms of major transactions.  So let’s see how everyone did shall we? Below are my thoughts on what each team did this offseason, ranked by how I would pick each team to finish in their conference if I was picking everything today.


1. Miami Heat

The 2 time defending champs weren’t really in a position to do much this offseason.  They signed Greg Oden, a signing that probably has the highest “hype to production” ratio of any signing in recent memory.  I like Greg Oden and despite him signing with the Heat, I’d like to see him do well because he seems like a good dude and it’d be a cool story, but its been almost FOUR years since the guy played in the league, during which time he’s had roughly 78 surgeries.  The Heat are going to be really, really good again and if I were picking today, I’d pick them to win it all, but that pick would have roughly 0% to do with Greg Oden being there.

They also amnestied Mike Miller, who they kept in a glass case all season with a “break in case of emergency need for an inexplicable hot streak in the NBA Finals” sign on it for the past 2 years.

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Thoughts on the Jake Peavy Trade

So as you have probably heard by now, the Sox pulled off a semi-big trade yesterday in a 3 way deal that for the Sox purposes basically boils down to Jose Iglesias for Jake Peavy.  There were some lower level prospects thrown in by the Sox, one of whom (Francellis Montas) has been clocked at 100 mph and people think he could maybe develop into something someday, but in all likelihood it comes down to Iglesias and Peavy.

And I think that’s a very good deal for the Sox (the ones of the Red variety).

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The 2013 All Suck Team

In a post a few weeks back, we covered who I thought have been the best players so far this year.  Now, we’ll look at those who have not been so good.  I bring you the very worst (so far) of baseball in 2013.  This list is focused on guys that play every (or almost every) day, so there’s probably someone who is worse than them numbers wise who only has like 150 at bats or something, but we’re looking at the guys who have both A. sucked and B. played a ton while sucking.


Miguel Montero, Arizona

I really, really wanted to give this honor to JP Arencibia and his horrific .256 OBP, but he at least has 17 HRs (most among MLB catchers), so Montero and his .230/.319/.348 slash line with 9 HRs gets the “honor” here. He also just recently turned 30 and is in the first year of a 5 year 60 million dollar contract extension, so the D’Backs better hope this is a 1 year aberration.

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Midseason (Or slightly past midseason) Red Sox Report Card and MLB Award Winners

I did one of these after the first month of the season and figured (roughly) halfway through the year would be a good time to do another one. I give out some quick award winners through midseason at the bottom.

The Red Sox Minor League System: A+

First, a quick shout out to the guys on the farm for the Red Sox who are making it so I would think when the organizational minor league rankings come out next year, the Sox (barring injuries or guys graduating to the majors and losing prospect status) are going to have a top 5 farm system in all of baseball (I’m assuming the Twins, Astros, Cubs and Cardinals will be up there as well).  Xander Bogaerts has continued to prove he’s an absolute beast and the best prospect the Sox have had since Nomar.  After a slow start he crushed AA pitching, got called up to AAA despite being just 20 and easily the youngest guy in the league and after a slow start there, he’s gotten hot and is now laying waste to AAA pitching.  HE IS ONLY 20! Jackie Bradley wasn’t hurt by his struggles in the bigs and is doing just fine for himself in AAA.  Garin Cecchini has become an on base machine.  Anthony Ranaudo (though he’s struggled recently) is finally healthy and showing why he was a 1st round pick 2 years ago.  Henry Owens is throwing harder, still striking out a ton and not walking as many despite being way younger than most of his competition. Matt Barnes has a 5+ ERA but is still striking out a whopping 11+ per 9.  Allen Webster and Rubby De La Rosa (though both will no longer be considered “prospects” due to service time) have shown potential in AAA and are both striking out more than a batter per inning.  Between Ranaudo, Owens, Barnes, Webster and Rubby, none project to be an ace but between them you could maybe eventually fill out the 2-4 spots in your rotation and have a couple lights out bullpen guys, and that’s not even including first round pick Trey Ball.

Xander may need a restraining order against me when he gets called up

Xander may need a restraining order against me when he gets called up

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