2014 MLB Award Winners

All right the 2014 MLB regular season is in the books. Let’s hand out some hardware.


1. Mike Trout

2. Jose Abreu

3. Victor Martinez

4. Michael Brantley

5. Jose Bautista

After deserving the win for the last 2 years, Trout will finally actually win it this year (and probably unanimously). Weirdly, he’s having his “worst” year of the 3, but his “worst” is still pretty damn good. 3rd in HRs, 6th in OBP, 3 in SLG and 3rd in wOBA is pretty damn impressive for CF. His speed and defensive numbers are a bit down, but the total package he brings makes him the best.

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Thoughts on the Sox Deadline Moves

Perhaps you may have heard but the trade deadline was today.  You may have also heard the Sox made a move or two.  Let’s discuss them, shall we?

Quick note before we get into the Sox news: The Rays traded David Price for Nick Franklin, Drew Smyly and some dude named Willy Adames who is some say the Tigers’ top prospect but hes 18 years old and a billion years away.  That is a fucking atrocious trade for the Rays.  If the Sox had gotten that for Lester, this blog would be typed in all caps with nothing but swearing.  And Price is better than Lester with an extra year left before free agency. Bizarre.  Oh well. Eat shit, Joe Maddon.



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Red Sox Trade Deadline/2nd Half Thoughts

The Sox are A. Coming off of a World Series that I still can’t believe happened and B. Owners of a deep farm system.  I think the future for the team is pretty bright, despite the struggles this year. The trade deadline is coming up on Thursday and that could end up having a pretty big impact on the immediate future of the team.  Below are my thoughts on all the rumors out there about what they will/won’t do.

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Red Sox 1st Trimester Report Card

I’m pretty sure we’re way more than 1/3 of the way through the season, but I felt like doing this post so here we are.  If you have an issue with it, you will be issued a full refund at the end of the post.

The Sox are 28-34, so there are going to be several less than awesome grades.  I’m looking in your general direction, outfielders. And starting rotation. And Edward Mujica.

Let’s get to it.

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An Ode to the 2004 Red Sox

So with it being the 10 year anniversary (10 years?! holy shit) of the ’04 Sox and with there just being a reunion of the ’04 team at Fenway, it’s had me feeling nostalgic about my favorite team of all time.  So I figured I’d blog about them.


If you were to ask me what Red Sox team I had the most fun watching from the beginning of the season to the end of the season, I wouldn’t say 2004.  I’d probably say 2013.  The 2013 regular season was filled with memorable moments and insane comebacks and then they capped it off with an exciting playoff run and a World Series. The 2004 regular season wasn’t anything amazing.  They were a really good team that won 98 games but outside of a game involving Jason Varitek telling A-Rod “We don’t throw at .240 hitters” (I know everyone involved says he didn’t actually say that but I’ve decided to believe it’s true), there wasn’t anything particularly amazing about the ’04 Sox regular season.

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2014 MLB Preview

No posts in months and then two in the same week? I’m on a roll!

Division winners, award winners, World Series winner…all that fun stuff below.  Enjoy!

AL East

1. Tampa Bay Rays

I have a ton of respect for the Rays. Being as good as they’ve been in a powerhouse division with such a massive payroll disadvantage impresses the hell out of me.  They kept David Price and get a hopefully improved Matt Moore and a full year out of Alex “The Next James Shields” Cobb (he pitched just 136 innings last year after taking a line drive to the head) gives then a nice rotation and a full year of Wil Myers should give them that extra bat they seem to always be lacking.

I love a good bat flip and Wil Myers has a great one.

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2014 Red Sox Preview

The Red Sox will be playing real live baseball in just over a week.  What better time to revive the blog? Thoughts on the 2014 Red Sox below.  Enjoy!


A.J. Pierzynski: I don’t really like Pierzynski, but I also didn’t really mind the signing.  There is no such thing as a bad 1 year deal and I’m fine with a veteran stopgap to buy time until Christian Vazquez and/or Blake Swihart are ready. But yeah, AJ has some decent pop left in his bat, but had the lowest walk rate in the league last year which is a huge red flag for me.  Guessing this will be AJ’s only year here.

Davis Ross: My guess is that A.J. and Ross split catching duties 60/40 this year (if both stay healthy).  I see Ross playing vs lefties and when Lester starts (given Lester’s success with Ross catching last year).  Ross struggled with concussion last year but still plays solid D and puts up respectable #s vs lefties.

P.S. Ross’s double off Adam Wainwright in game 5 of the World Series to give the Sox the lead and eventually win the game one of the biggest hits from the playoff run last year that gets overlooked.  Long live David Ross.

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